• The Serving Tray

    Reveal your Passion. Uncover a taste for drama with vivid hues of red, blue and black from the new City Lights collection. Presented on a luxurious sterling silver tray, the unveiling of glamorous new designs from Tacori exposes a modern passion for old-world glamour.

    City Lights Collection
    Left to right: Style no. SE17135, SE17619, SR14919, SR15535, SE17134, SB16134
    Not pictured: SN17734

  • The Lock

    Locked In Love. This striking image was inspired by the romantic Love Locks phenomena whereby lovers attach locks to bridges and then toss the key into the water below. The stunning Tacori rings are the symbol of a Tacori couple locked in a bond of eternal love, and represent the key to unlocking your beloved’s heart.

    Petite Crescent Collection and Ribbon Collection
    Top to bottom: Style no. HT2546RD65,HT2545B, HT2528RD75

  • Poker Chips

    All In. In this evocative image, Tacori blue poker chips are stacked for the win. Hearts and diamonds are perfectly suited together, and the striking ‘RoyalT’ engagement rings raise the stakes in the game of love. There’s no limit when you’ve got the wild card in your hand. So the question is: are you “all in”? 

    Style # HT2605RD95; HT2607B; HT2607RD10HT2602RD95  Left to Right.

  • Bands

    Tacori is proud to unveil a new collection of Gentleman’s Bands wedding rings. The vented interior of the new bands showcases the iconic Tacori Crescent design while also creating a lighter, more comfortable fit for men. Classic styling on the exterior can be as simple or as detailed as the Gentleman prefers while still maintaining a performance fit.

    Style # 106-6B104-6109-6S112-4107-6S  Top to Bottom.